Elton Mazes F.A.Q.

What is The Maize Maze?

It is a traditional Maize Corn Maze planted in April each year and harvested in October. The crop grows to a height of 2 – 3m by mid / late July when we open to the public. We did our first Maize Maze in 2003 and have done a different design and theme each year since then.

What is the Elton Activities Maze?

The Activiies Maze is a cross between a Maze, Adventure Playground for Adults & Children) and a Wild Garden with 2.5 km of paths . For more details please click here. The Activites Maze was formerly known as the Adventure Maze.

How do you make the Mazes? When do you cut the paths out?

The crop is drilled using a precision drill. Each row of corn is exactly 600 mm apart. The crop is planted first North – South and then East – West which creates a precise grid on the ground (just like graph paper!). We draw a design on graph paper and each square on the paper equates to a 6 m square on the field. From that we count rows to tell us which ones are taken out. We hoe the plants out by hand when the crop is 300 mm tall (in early June.)

Do you undertake special events?

Yes, We will be holding our Late Night Special with the Banshee.

When are you open?

The Maize Mazes are open during School Summer Holidays, usually from late July to early September. See web site for opening dates. We open at 10.30 am and close at 6 pm.

Are Dogs allowed in the Activities Maze?

We allow dogs in the Courtyard and also in the Maize Mazes.

Who do I call for more information or to make a group booking?

Just e-mail us on eltonmazes@gmail.com or call Brian on 079263 77110 or Cilla on 01452 760795

How many Mazes are there?

We make 3 Mazes, a Giant Maze, which can take about an hour or more, a Medium size Maze and a small Labyrinth which can be done in  15 minutes approx.

What is the quiz about?

Each year we have a new theme.. There are some 25 Boards ,a quiz with multiple choice trivia questions based on the theme. All children receive a small prize for completing / attempting the Mazes and answering the quiz questions.

What clothes / footwear should we wear?

Loose comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting used and wear trainers or outdoor foot wear. Surprisingly the Maize Maze paths although being ‘earth’ soon become hard and the growing plants suck up rainfall to the point where they are hardly ever wet.

How long does it take?

Most people spend half a day or the whole day with us as they often bring a picnic or take a meal at the Cafe.

What other facilities do you have?

We have a Cafe, picnic area (you can bring your own food and drinks), toilets, ample car parking (also well served by Bus Routes No 30 &31), plenty of space for running around in. There are also courtyard games that are quite unique as we have made them ourselves.