Elton Giant Maize Mazes

An image showing the Elton Maize Mazes in 2021
Photo by: Skydronauts UK

About The 3 Maize Mazes

  • The 3 Maize Mazes are open from mid July to early September
  • They are suitable for all ages.
  • They are pushchair friendly.
  • Dogs are allowed in the Maize Mazes.
  • The large, medium and small Mazes provide an unusual and entertaining challenge for all ages.
  • Mazes have  Trivia Quizzes, Look Out Towers and a viewing bridge.
A photo showing visitors from Chernoble at Elton Mazes
Visitors from Chernobyl at Elton Mazes

The 3 maize mazes cover 12 acres (4 ha) – a whole field.

The Maze paths

The paths in the mazes are compacted soil which stay remarkably dry and clean. The maize plants grow to a height of 2 m .

Photo of Children enjoying running in the maze
Children enjoying running in the maze