Elton Giant Mazes and Activities Maze – 20th Year.

Tickets for the 3 Giant Maize Mazes and The Activities Maze and Special Events:

Book tickets here for Mazes and Events or pay on entry.
How to stay cool at the Elton Giant Mazes – the Activities Maze has lots of shade and Water Squirt Mist Sprays. The Picnic Shed has 185 m2 of shade cover. The 3 Maize Mazes have some dappled shade but can get hot in the afternoons. Our Café has cold drinks and ice creams. We open at 10.30 am. We look forward to seeing you.

2022 Theme is Fantasy Heroes featuring the Giant Spider Man Maze, the Avatar Maze and the Sir Hiss Snake Labyrinth

A photo showing a surprise in the Activities Ma
A photo showing Kids tackling the netting
A photo showing the Activities Maze - for Kids and Adults
The 3 Elton Gaint Mazes 2022
A photo showing A family experience a water squirt box
Photo of Children enjoying running in the maze
Elton Gian Spider Man Maze, photo by Orion Drone Services.
Elton Maize Mazes

Open Daily 09:30 - 17:30

Photos by Orion Drone Services

Elton Giant Avatar Maze - Photo by Orion Drone Services.
Elton Giant Avatar Maze
Elton Sir Hiss Snake Labyrinth - photo by Orion Drone Services.
Elton Sir Hiss Snake Labyrnth
Elton Giant Mazes 2022
Elton Maize Mazes and Activities Maze
Activities Maze water squirt box
A Water spray in the Activities Maze.
In the Activities Maze
The Activities Maze.
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The Activities Maze has much shade \ shelter whereas the Maize Mazes have less shade \ shelter. Our Courtyard has a large covered picnic area. Dogs are allowed in the three Maize Mazes and the Activities Maze but they must be on a lead.

Our Mazes are located in Gloucestershire on the edge of the Forest of Dean. We are near to the M4, M48, M50 and A48. We are normally open every day from early July to early September. Very close by are Elton Carp Lakes and Pirate Island adventure golf. We have a cabin with seating from which we sell food and drinks, plus we have books to read, games and toilets. Outside is our courtyard, a great place to chill out.

Maize Mazes

A photo of the Giant InVader Maze - 2016
The Giant InVader Maze – 2016

The 3 Maize Mazes are planted each year in April and reach ‘Maze’ height in mid July. Each year the Mazes have a new theme. The mazes are very popular with families and children. We also hold several special events throughout the season culminating with our Late Nate Special where for one night only you can explore the mazes by torchlight.
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Activities Maze

A photo showing A family experience a water squirt box
A family experience a water squirt box

The Activities Maze is a permanent Maze. The Activities Maze has plenty of space for children and adults who want to walk, run, hide, shout, climb, crawl, swing and work together as a team to get their group over, under, around or through the various activity areas, all within a protected countryside setting.
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About the Mazes

  • A visit to the mazes is ideal treat for Birthday Parties.
  • We also accept group bookings.
  • The Maze Courtyard has a Picnic and Games Area, a Cabin offering drinks and snacks and a large covered area for shade or shelter.
  • Both the Maize Mazes and the Activities Maze are pushchair friendly